The following list shows the basic prices for quilting services. Please call to discuss specific requirements.


Service Cost Units
Edge to edge/pantograph $3.95 per square foot
Pantograph – dense pattern $4.50 per square foot
Freestyle $5.50 per square foot
Custom $7.00 per square foot
Custom – dense $9.00 per square foot
Basting $2.00 per square foot (one direction)


Make binding $0.05 per inch
Machine sew on quilt $0.10 per inch
Machine sew on quilt, machine finish $0.30 per inch
Machine sew on quilt, hand finish $0.40 per inch


$10.00 (plain)
$15.00 (variegated)
$5.00 per additional colour, max. $20 per quilt

Other Costs if required

Turning fee for borders $25.00
Piece backing (from) $10.00
Hanging sleeve (from) $12.00
Pressing of quilt $10.00
Quilt labels – from selection (from) $1.50 each


Manufacturer Material Width Cost
Hollyburton Park 100% Cotton 200cm $19.00/m
Hollyburton Park 50/50 Wool/Cotton 200cm $19.50/m
Hollyburton Park 60/40 Wool/Poly 200cm $19.00/m
Hollyburton Park 80/20 Cotton/Poly 200cm $0.00/m
Hollyburton Park 100% Wool 200cm $20.00/m
Matilda’s Own 60/40 Wool/Poly 240cm $22.00/m
Matilda’s Own 60/40 Wool/Poly 310cm $26.00/m
Warm ‘n’ White bleached 100% cotton 225cm $22.50/m

Minimum cost per quilt – $75.00


Mail orders can be arranged. Please call Raylee to discuss. Postage can be via Australia Post or courier. Prices will depend on the size and weight of the finished quilt.

How to calculate the cost

Measure your quilt top from side to side both directions, multiply these numbers and then divide by 144 to give you the size in square feet.

E.g.: quilt size 60” x 60”

60 x 60 = 3600 divided by 144 = 25 square feet.

25 sq.ft. x $3.95 (pantograph) = $98.75

Please remember that this is the cost for the quilting only, the final cost will include any other products or services required, e.g. thread, batting, binding and postage etc.

Please feel free to browse the website for further information, or call me on 02 6259 6045 or 0416 462 615 to discuss your quilting requirements.

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