Yuma QAL – My finished quilt.

quilt centre RSLSo yesterday I shared with you all the making of my version of the Yuma quilt pattern for the Gotham Quilts Yuma QAL Today I can share with you the quilting of said quilt and how much fun I had using a reasonably simple pantograph quilting design.

I am a long arm quilter and as much fun as it is to make a quilt, I probably lean towards making a quilt so that I can quilt it. I had grand plans for the quilting of Yuma but I am also mindful of the fact that fabric plays a big role in what type of quilting I would put on a quilt.Yuma fabrics cut RSHere’s a recap of the fabrics I chose from what I had in my studio to make my Yuma.  Red is a favourite colour of mine and the rest are part of the range so they all tone really well.  However they all have pattern and detail and unless I was going to quilt in bright yellow, it was going to get lost in the print detail.

Pantographs are often a quick way to add some interest to a quilt with quilting design but can also be quite simple and more functional in nature.Tannenbaum panto RS

It might sound silly to some readers but I was ridiculously happy to find that the panto pattern called Tannenbaum by Lorien Quilting ‘fit’ this quilt perfectly.  The triangular shape accents the triangles in the piecing and the spacing fits the triangles also.  I will attempt to show you what I mean in pictures.pattern matching 2 RSL

You may notice all the stars at the top of the ‘tree’ line up really well across the quilt and fall in just the right place to be in the centre of a smaller triangle or at the top of another triangle and so the ‘tree’ is in the centre of the shape. This good fit happened all the way down the quilt. For me this was a good thing and made me happy. placement of panto RSL

thread3 RSLthread2 RSL

The thread colour I chose is a lovely sage green by Rasant.  As I mentioned it’s not obvious in most places as I did not choose a bright yellow colour, but it adds enough to finish the quilt and lets the piecing and fabric choices be the feature.  Sometimes as a quilter my job is to know that this is all a quilt needs.  Had I made Yuma in plain or tone on tone fabrics, then the quilting would have been vastly different.green triangle RSLred triangleThe binding on my Yuma quilt is in the same red print as the background fabric.  I do like the finish in red.  If you would like to see how I do binding then please go to Sunflower Stitcheries to the binding tutorial I have written.

And a small section of the back for those who like to see the back of quilt, I am one of these people.quilt back RSLNow I mentioned yesterday that Gotham Quilts is giving one of my readers/commenters a prize. You’ll need to leave a comment on this post to be considered and if you comment on yesterday’s post I will add your name to the hat a second time. The prize will be awarded on the 12th August. The prize is a $25 voucher to spend at the Gotham Quilts website  and there are some great things to find.  Be sure to leave your contact details so I can pass that on to Gotham Quilts to contact the recipient of the voucher.

Gotham Quilts have recently moved premises and if I ever get to New York, I will be putting a visit on my to do list. I would like to thank Gotham Quilts for their prize and in particular Ivete for being so lovely to work with.

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If you have been wavering, do I want to make this quilt or not?  It was easy to make and quite quick really.  There are sections that can be achieved in blocks of sewing, that’s what I did.  And the cost of the pattern you can’t argue with – it’s free.  The other things you find to purchase on the Gotham Quilts website I am not responsible for, but have fun looking.

Happy Quilting.


Australian Day 2015

Australian’s all let us rejoice

For we are young and free…

How many of you know the second verse to our national anthem, or even that it actually has 4 verses?

I am really pleased that my kids’ school sings the first 2 verses each assembly.  The younger grades learn it quite fast.  I think I prefer the second verse.  I remember a time when my husband joined me for a school assembly and as he has a wonderful voice he sang our national anthem loud and strong.  A great example to the kids to be proud of our nation.  Anyway, even the kids at the front of the hall were turning around to find out where this strong voice was coming from.  Many eyes turned to us amongst the parents present.

It was a little interesting but I am proud of my husband for singing so well.  One of the teachers commented that it was good to hear another baritone, he is usually the only one there.

Quilting and Australia – we have a plethora of talent in our wonderful country.  Designers, sewists (sewers doesn’t sound good), and of particular interest to me – quilters.Effalump smallIf you go to any state guild and view the quilts, there are so many wonderful quilts and they have been enhanced and made spectacular by the collaboration between the piecer and the quilter.  Seeing the amazing texture and features that can be added by quilting is one of my favourite parts of a quilt show.  How has the quilter made the quilt better with quilting, what have they added to enhance the work done by the piecer?

Our country has award winning quilters, both Australia wide and world wide.  It’s great to see the results of the international quilt shows and seeing the Aussie names there.  Makes me so proud that Australian’s can hold their own in a much larger field of talent.

I can get a little awestruck by the achievements of these talented quilters, but typical to Australian culture, they are the same as you and me.  Regular people who in many cases have a real gift for their craft, but are down to earth and generous with their knowledge as well.

I did get to meet a couple of well known people in the industry at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival last October.  Not Australian but we will forgive them for that. Judi Madsen and Jamie Wallen are both quilters whose work inspires.Judi Madsen smallerJamie Wallen small croppedI hope that on our national holiday you are able to enjoy time with family or friends and perhaps even a BBQ.

Happy Australia Day!  Cheers!

Australian flag